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“Above all else…”

Data Visualisation was started in 2013 as a space to experiment with data visualisation. Building on over ten years of experience creating interactive web applications, the site is focused on a balance between javascript development and visual design.

The technical challenges of creating interactive applications is also combined with the aesthetic requirement to design applications that improve and enhance the understanding of the data.

With more and more data being released under an Open license; the growth of Big Data for improving efficiency and transparency; and the development of new tools, the visualisation and analysis of data is becoming increasingly important in order to make sense of it all.

It is all about the data.

Data. Visualised.

Above all else show the data. Edward Tufte


Martin Coulthurst is a designer and developer with a special interest in data visualisation.

Martin Coulthurst has worked with clients in the US, EU and Asia, from bootstrapping startups to national government projects, helping at least two companies toward million dollar acquisitions. Projects include work for The Office for National Statistics, Google, BBC, ITV, The National Trust and Lego.