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“…the study of intelligible geometry…”

Ochre, Cerise and Turquoise Closed Discs, 1970

Uneasy Centre, 1963

Islamic Geometry, 10th Century CE

From the starting point of the Fibonacci seed pattern used as a logo by Seed Scientific (Phyllotaxis), I did some brief research into geometric art. This led almost straight away to thousand year old Islamic decorative art.

One of the key resources I found was Eric Broug's site completed with instructions on how to draw patterns with pencil and compasses (10th Century Old School!).

After a brief trial with pencil and paper, I found a suitable design from the Turkish version of Eric's Geometric Design book. By studying the layout, I was able to recreate it using d3.js.

…the study of sensible geometry leads to skill in all practical arts while the study of intelligible geometry leads to skill in the intellectual arts… Rasa’il Ikhwan al-Safa