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Network Analysis

Coordinate Mapping

Postioning Playback


Coordinate Video


Select the player

CSV Coordinate data appears here:

A toolkit to map player positions and passes.
Click on the pitch to plot the player position.
Click and drag a circle to set the coordinates of the pass.
SHIFT-click the position to select it.
Click 1, 2 or 3 to set the state (Yellow, red or blue).
Click x to remove the pass data.
or click DELETE to remove the position.

CTRL-X will DELETE all data without warning!

The following video controls are available:
SPACE to play and pause the video
, and . to step backwards and forwards by 1 second
SHIFT+, and SHIFT+. to step backwards and forwards by 10 seconds
CTRL+, and CTRL+. to step backwards and forwards by 60 seconds

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