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UK Economic Statistics

Business Investment -.-
Balance of Payments -.-
Retail Sales: Volume -.-
Construction Industry -.-
UK Trade -.-
Retail Sales: Value -.-
Producer Price Index :Input -.-
Public Sector Borrowing -.-
Employment -.-
Producer Price Index :Output -.-
Public Sector Debt -.-
Unemployment -.-
Index of production -.-
Finance Net Acquisition -.-
Consumer Prices -.-
Index of Services -.-
Finance Assets/Liabilitie -.-
House Price Index -.-

“Facts are stubborn…”

Office for National Statistics

“…His work on our Key Economic Time Series page… has been a real success for the office”Rob Chambers, Office for National Statistics

As part of my work for the Office For National Statistics, I designed and built a small web application that pulled in the data directly from the ONS website and displayed the key measures. The main aim was to have a realtime dashboard with the latest figures all presented on screen. The charts cycle through in order and can also be viewed individually by clicking the items in the list.

The project was successful in showcasing how the data could be used to dynamically update the page. Based on this work, I developed an interactive graphic:
“How ONS statistics explain the economy”

The chart data and the summary texts are from the data prepared by the ONS. A key improvment would be to access the data directly from the ONS' timeseries datasets. The UI could also be substantially reworked to include the last date, the current values and the changes since the last dataset, as well as the change in last twelve months. A couple of niceties would be a visual timer and an improvement to the chart transitions.

Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable. Mark Twain